The world's first social impact asset manager focussing on commodities


Aspuna is a practitioner-led social impact asset manager. We’re committed to co-creating a thriving sustainable agriculture sector across Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • We invest in building processing capacity within rural communities.
  • We implement innovative agricultural systems.
  • We impact profit, people and the planet … positively.

By supporting rural farming communities in Africa to process the crops they grow, we’re improving livelihoods and stabilising the provision of sustainable, ethical supply chains to international markets. 

By supporting local entrepreneurs in Africa to commercialise, upgrade and maximise the potential of rural farms and agri-businesses using climate-smart technology, we’re ensuring emerging ethical supply chains meet international standards. 

By working alongside non-governmental and governmental organisations to identify and develop export opportunities, we’re helping to unlock Africa’s agricultural riches, increase youth employment, and empower self-sustaining communities.

We’re making trading fair.


What makes us different?

  • ESG is in our DNA. Registered as a social impact business from day one, we co-own the assets we manage. We’ve got skin in the game.
  • We’re practitioner-led. Our engineering, agri-tech and investment experts roll up their sleeves. We make innovation happen.
  • We’re plugged in. We partner with governments, NGOs AND private companies, internationally. 

Want to co-create social impact agricultural systems across sub-Saharan Africa? 

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